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Since I’m done with school I have more time to write now. I’m so excited. Oh yeah, I finally graduated from college. Can you believe it? I started this blog ever since I graduated from highschool and that was four years ago. A lot has happened. Good and bad, but I’m glad I made it through and survived. Please look forward to my stories in the near future. This was keikoshi.

Yummy Muffins…

So yesterday was Mother’s day and I made some muffins to give to the mothers are my church. I made blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. They were delicious!! So far, I’m good at baking but not from scratch. That’s something I want to learn – how to really bake from scratch and maybe make my own recipes. I really enjoy cooking and baking. Maybe in the future, I’ll learn how to bake more and be able to post them up here. Well, here’s a picture that I took of the muffins that I made yesterday! Enjoy! Also, Happy belated Mother’s day!

Rainy day…

Today is a rainy day! It makes me feel tired and gloomy. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep. It’s been a very long time since I wrote on here. A lot has changed in my life. Some changes were good and some were not. Well, that’s how life is.

Well, I just wanted to share something amazing I saw yesterday. Usually people are shy when it comes to worshiping Jesus, but what really amazes me is that when I was walking to the gym yesterday at school. I saw this guy listening to his headphones and riding his bike. He paddled past me and he was singing really loud, “Oh how he loves us.” Just seeing how happy he was singing the song made me smile. It was like an encouragement to me that God loves me. It’s cool how little things like this could touch us. It makes me think as to if some things that I do, that glorifies God, will touch others as well.

So, let’s listen to the song that the guy was singing. It’s called, “How He Loves Us” by David Crowder Band. Please enjoy this song and I hoped that it will also encourage you today. This was keikoshi.

It’s Autumn…

It’s finally Autumn! My favorite season. Well, one of my favorite seasons besides Spring. It’s getting cold lately and I have already pulled out my winter/fall clothes. It’s all about the sweaters and jeans now.

I can’t believe I’m a senior now. Wow!! It was only four years ago when I had just graduated high school and started college. I’m so old now. But it’s okay, at least I am a lot wiser now than four years ago. The future seems bright, but kind of scary. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do after I graduate. I have some plans in mind, but I’m going to let God lead me. He knows everything and He’s always in control of everything.

Today is sort of like my day off from a busy schedule. I moved to a new house just two weeks ago and I’ve been busy cleaning, moving thing, and unpacking things during the weekends that I didn’t have time to do my homework or anything school related. But this weekend will be a productive weekend, I promise!! Let’s see, for today’s schedule I’m going rake leaves from my lawn. It’s only been one week since Autumn arrive and most of the leaves are almost gone. So fast!! But yeah, I’ll be raking leaves today and hopefully jogging later. I want to be healthy and not have to worry so much about getting sick later when I’m old.

A quick summary of how God had revealed himself to me in these past weeks. I’ve been really stressed out about school, work, family, and future. I always saw myself as weak and stupid because I feel like an outcast at school, but recently the Lord has revealed to me that I shouldn’t feel stupid. I mean, hello – I got into the very selective and competitive business school because first of all I am smart. I just need to stop comparing myself to other people and putting myself down. I have to show them that I am indeed smart too. He motivated me to learn as much as I can – the reason why I’m in school is to learn all that I can, not to compete like what most people/schools are doing. If I keep having this “competition” mindset, I’ll always be putting myself down, but I have to remember that in this life that’s not important. I have way more important things to worry about than competing. I always worrying so much about school that I lost focus on the real reason and purpose – learn. Thank you Jesus for telling me to live and stop worrying about little things. I just have to have faith in Him and put ALL my trust in him. I shouldn’t doubt. He’s the greatest, why should I doubt? Ever since, I’ve been feeling so much better and I feel as though a huge burden has been lifted off me. I mean, why should I want to carry that burden around when God is right beside me offering to take it off my hands? Simple, give it all to him.

By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see. – Acts 3:16

Until then, this was Keikoshi^^

Bible verse of the day…

Be sure to do what you should, for then you will enjoy the personal satisfaction of having done your work well, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.

~ Galatians 6:4 NLT

Family visitation…

I envy how other people have family who go and visit them. I also envy how their mothers would make food and send it to them at the dorms. For me, so far nothing like that has happened. Why not ask? I rather not because I feel like it’s a part of growing up. I have to stop depending so much on my family. I mean, they have lives and they don’t always want to come and drop stuff off. What I have to live off for now on until I go home is dorm food and the internet.

I’m starting to feel sick, I hope that it’s not H1N1. I will continue to pray and trust in the Lord. Until then this is keikoshi.

First day back…

Today is the first day back to school and I’m already feeling the stress. I just know that this year on, I will have to work super duper hard to graduate. Along with that, I’ll have to work a lot and save money.

Something that I’m a bit disappointed is volunteering. I’m disappointed because I won’t be able to volunteer a lot this year as I had planned. Before school started, I wanted to volunteer four hours a week to fulfill my 30 hours for a program that I joined, but after taking out $2000 of loan and having to cut my work-study to only $1000, I had to make a decision. Well, although I had taken out $2000 in loan, I still had to pay back $200 this semester. Knowing me, I’m not that rich! $200, yeah it may seem less but when you’re a poor college student who is taking on 16 credits and trying to work — it’s hard. So, here is my story. I have to buy my bus pass which costs $97 and if I were to charge that right now. My student account would be $297 — which is basically $300! Still cheap right? But, I have to pay all that off by October 7. If I don’t pay all of the $200 by that time, I will be charged an additional $35 I think. I could pay 1/3 of the $200 by then but, after that I’ll be charge a $35 installment fee along with my remaining balance. So, why don’t I just pay it all off with my paycheck? I could, but the next time I’ll be pay will be on September 23. If my bus pass is added to that then, I won’t be able to pay it all off by October 7.

What I was thinking was after paying off the $200 then I will renew my bus pass, but when I do that it’ll be too late for me to do 30 hours before the semester ends. Along with that, I want to do well in my classes this year and onward. It took me about a week of praying and to come to the conclusion that I won’t be able to be a part of that program anymore, no matter how much I still want to be in it. I can’t fulfill my responsibilities to complete 30 hours. 30 hours might not seem enough, but when your volunteer site is 30 minutes away — it takes a while and also when you’re poor and have debt. Everything is so hard, so in order to focus more on school and get my debt paid. I had to cut my volunteer hours to only one hour a week — which if I were to stay in the program would not be enough to fulfill the 30 hours requirement.

I am sad and disappointed, but I had to do what worked for me and my schedule. Until then, this was keikoshi.


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